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spiritual and recovery coach
tel: 206.880.1338
seattle, washington

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spiritual and recovery coach
about w+w

hi there! first off, i want to applaud you for considering to see a life coach. it's a big decision, and i can assure you the investment is one that will last a lifetime. it's a huge step in living the best life you possibly can-to overcome hurdles you may feel are keeping you from living a great story.


now, let me introduce myself:

my name is Rachel, owner of worthy+whole. i've been blessed with a difficult life. a life where i often found myself so consumed in my faults, it eventually led me to rock bottom. it's beautiful because that's where i met Jesus. from childhood to adulthood, i've dealt with abandonment issues, a chronic disease, mental illness, and serious bouts of addiction. those struggles are now what give me life. as a certified life coach, focusing on spirituality and recovery, i give my time and use my personal experiences to help empower others fighting similar battles.


i work with souls from all walks of life, specifically those who are ready to make a change. i use a spiritual approach for those looking to strengthen their relationship with God, and an empathetic approach for those who deal with chronic and mental conditions, as well as addiction. my guarantee is to help you overcome obstacles that keep you hiding behind a diagnosis, or what you may see now as life's unfair hand. if willing to do the work, you can (and will) live a life of purpose, love and with a sense of faith that can heal any wound or hurt; a sense of faith that will empower and equip you to take on the world authentically and gracefully.

why should i?


you are worthy of living as a beautiful, complete, and whole human being. you deserve every bit of joy and light this life has to offer. thanks to my commitment to spiritual and personal growth, i have achieved a faithful life, freedom and fulfillment. you can too, and i would be absolutely honored to be a witness of your transformation.


how could coaching be valuable in my life?

 we all have mountains we want, and quite frankly need, to climb. that's especially true for us living with chronic conditions, mental illness and addiction of all sorts. i know from my personal experience with these challenges, i allowed all three to define who i was as a person. i told myself i was wounded, i wasn't deserving, no one wants me, i want that job but won't be able to keep up because i'm too sick, or simply, that i just can't. i could come up with a million reasons, or at least justify, why my goal was too difficult to achieve because i just couldn't let go of the circumstances.


how we feel about ourselves in the present moment is often reflected in our communication with others, in familial and romantic relationships, our career and how we approach life in general. sometimes we need help outside of ourselves to shift our perception. sometimes we hit a rock bottom before that happens. regardless of your stage, your age, or your beliefs in life, coaching will push you toward that change--giving you the opportunity to turn stunting hinderances into true harmonic healing and freedom.


at worthy+whole, i will meet you exactly where you are right now to produce deep, personal and spiritual growth. realizing you are both worthy and entirely whole is life and gift giving. i like to call it "filling your holes with wholeness". doing so allows you to show up in this world with a sense of confidence and security that can't be shaken. in the process of being coached, you can expect to re-wire your brain and re-write your story by letting go of fears and hurts that keep you from living the purposeful, fulfilling life God intended--the life that you want. trust me when i say, He wants that for you, and at worthy+whole, so do i.

"when troubles of any kind come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy. for you know when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. so let it grow...God blesses those who patiently endure testing and temptation. afterward they will receive the crown of life that God has promised."

-james 1:2, 1:12 (NLT)

"i used to think i could shape my circumstances, but now i know God uses those circumstances to shape me."

-bob goff

how do i get started?

at worthy+whole, there are several approaches we take to unlock purpose and freedom in your life.

whether that means pay-as-you-go weekly or monthly sessions or committing to a six-month program.

all unlock inner healing bringing solid transformation.


please choose from the options below to learn more about moving forward:



"Rachel is small in stature but mighty in soul. she is 'survivor' personified. her joy+perseverance shine light on her client's life to create lasting transformation."

-janice lowe

"Rachel is a bright star. she understands life and loss and the meaning of life as a great story, as the journey and the destination. she understands dreams, uncertainty, hard work and maintaining a growth mindset. i know Rachel as a coach and a peer. she's a natural listener. she'll give you the tools to get where you want to go on your life's journey."

-john sapelak

what others are saying...

"Rachel is a pure, loving and energetic heart with passion and fire in her soul. she is powerful and able to push you in a gentle way that stretches you to grow."

haylei carter

"Rachel is the proof as she is tested, tried and transformed-and that's what she provides!"


"strength and kindness helped me get clear

and move forward. Rachel's ability to hold space and comfort you is incredible. she holds such a power to her

that makes you feel comfortable and safe."

sanura dean

stacey rardin

"Rachel is a very confident coach who uses her past experiences and everything she has learned to help guide others through similar experiences."

"Rachel is amazing to work with! thank you

for asking the right questions and making me reflect on what's really important. i appreciate you very much!"

maya zhaym


what are you waiting for?