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spiritual and recovery coach
tel: 206.880.1338
seattle, washington

© 2018 worthy+whole

do you find yourself fearful in recovery? are you fighting the urge to identify your weaknesses, drink, drug, or succumb to negative self talk that's tearing you down? this nine-month program will help re-wire your brain, re-write your story, and equip you for any battle trying to get the best of you. you will be fearless and unshaken. throughout this course work, you will coach four times per month. you can choose whether that be weekly, or even twice a week depending on growth. after nine months, you will experience an unshaken sense of wholeness in your identity.


  • worthy+whole politely asks for 48 hours notice if a cancellation needs to be made. if you need to cancel after that time period, the session cannot be made up. i understand dire and unexpected circumstances pop up--in that case, Rachel is willing to work with the client on making up the session if agreed upon.